Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Ok so I know everyone who reads this blog and you know me.

So let's say I were to ask you, what is my favorite television show of all time?
If you didn't immediately scream out Law & Order SVU like a maniac, our friendship is a complete lie and I am ashamed of myself for allowing this charade to continue.

So guess, just guess, what lovely lady came into my place of work today for a pick up and TOTALLY introduced herself and shook my hand and was AMAZINGLY nice?

Oh I don't know, maybe...MARISKA HARGITAY!! I seriously couldn't believe it was her, I thought I was hallucinating. She's only my favorite ever!!

If you don't know who she is, I am appalled. You don't deserve it, but here is a picture that should spark a memory if you have ever watched television. Ever. Any channel really, it's always on.

I think I seriously had heart palpitations. She was so courteous and sweet and I was trying not to hyperventilate so she possibly thought I was mentally disabled. I can't believe SHE is the first celebrity I see at my new job. That is like, a sign from God. The only thing that could have made it any better would have been if Christopher Meloni came in WITH her - oh man. I really would have died. Literally, I would have been killed - there are stairs right behind where I stand and I would have backed up in blissful shock and tumbled down them, I can see it now.

And its true, I can no longer see Mariska (I can call her that now, cuz SHE INTRODUCED HERSELF TO ME THAT WAY) until I get my coveted spot on SVU. But when I do, I can remind her of our chance encounter, and she'll ask me why my palms were so sweaty, and then we'll laugh and laugh and be best friends forever!

The point is, this was a huge momentous event in my life. She is definitely on the top 5 list of celebrities I unabashedly admire and I MET HER TODAY.

In fact I now reclaim this day, August 5th, as Mariska Hargitay Day.

We can call it Mariska Day for short. Actually, no. No one else can call it that, everyone else has to call it Ms. Hargitay day. But I can call it Mariska Day.

The Boyfriend was significantly less excited than I was when I called him bubbling over with excitement to tell him. But you know? He just hasn't seen every single episode of Law & Order SVU like I have.

Anyway. Wow. It was great. She was great. Everything was great.

Happy Mariska Day! I can't wait till next year!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Live from my Head

First of all, I just downloaded Katie Herzig's latest album, Apple Tree, and as usual it is beautiful and thoughtful. DO IT.

Secondly, I saw HAIR at NYSF last night in Central Park. Now I do love the musical, but even if you are not a fan, I suggest you see it.
The most satisfying thing about the production (besides the full frontal, duh) is that it really captures what I imagine the sentiment was behind HAIR's creation. And I must say, I really did leave the theater wanting to love everyone and give of myself. Which on a hot humid night in New York City on the A train, is really saying something.
At the very least I wanted to sleep with pretty much everyone in that cast, especially Will Swenson who played a drop-dead sexy Berger. The performances are inspiring, the show's psyched-out energy is disturbingly contagious, and its just a beautiful thing to see a lot of talented people truly committed to their art. AND ITS FREE. Come on people. Embrace the theater, it will love you back.

In completely unrelated news, I was looking through a lot of my writing tonight on my computer, most of it archived since I haven't written anything that I bothered saving in probably 6 months at least. Maybe now that I'm a grown-up the poetry bug went back to its business of biting angsty teens. Or maybe now that I have real concrete problems instead of feeling vaguely lost and trapped and lonely, its harder to be creative with my grief. Who knows.
Some of the things I wrote were during some pretty dark times and I always wonder to myself if I'm actually out of that place, or if I just happen to be on a brief sabbatical from despair. Either way, reading back and looking forward, I hope that I've learned to reach outside of myself instead of sitting alone and locked down, imploding inward. I suppose we'll see next time I plunge to the depths, eh?

Katie Herzig makes me so introspective, seriously :)

Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Meat Market

I got a job! Yay. I'm hosting at a lovely restaurant in the Meatpacking District, which for those of you who don't know, is where all the rich people go to spend too much on food and beverages and parade around drunkenly in designer labels.

Although I have to say the food at my restaurant is incredible and is probably worth the money.

So far, today was Day #2, everyone I work with has been extremely nice and cool, so I think I'll be very happy there. The only problem now is that I'm generally in excruciating pain, which is bearable on the feet (I try and stretch them out subtly when things are slow), but totally unbearable on my back. It throbs and aches through my entire shift, and when I finally get home and lay down, it hums with pain. I've been laying on a heating pad, but then I have to leave the AC on as I fall asleep. Which translates to serious $$$ on my electric bill.
I'm guessing this might be a temporary problem? I'm just assuming that instead of being an inevitable consequence of standing for 7 hours, it is the consequence of shitty footwear. I've been wearing a pair of flats I bought at costco for literally 8 dollars. So, now I know what I'm doing with that first paycheck.

WOW that was dull. Sorry! I'm just exhausted. I got out of work around midnight and the street was crawling with people, hopping from pricey restaurant to expensive lounge to pricey restaurant. I am so not a part of these social circles, although I know people who are. And no judgement, if I could afford that, I would totally do it. Not every weekend, but it might be fun with the right people. Every now and then. I do love to eat delicious food in beautiful places. Don't be fooled because I just finished eating cottage cheese barefoot in my kitchen...

I like exciting things. I just don't have the money to enjoy them. Tomorrow, my lovely boyfriend is taking me on a cruise to see the waterfalls, for which I am very excited. I love my boyfriend, if it wasn't for him I would never do anything fun. I'm too cheap.

Oy. I'm gonna go put my feet up. Goodnight everyone (you three people who read my blog)!